Davisville Dental Services

Belman Dental Centre is conveniently located in the heart of Toronto's Davisville Village, on Yonge Street south of Eglinton, right across from the Davisville subway station. We offer quality family dental care in a welcoming and comfortable environment, where our high level of service is the game changer. Book your appointment by calling 416-486-1136 today!

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We take great care and pride in providing a warm, welcoming and comfortable space for our patients of all ages, but we recognize that even the friendliest smile and most calming environment cannot make every patient feel completely at ease in a dental chair. We also strongly believe that nothing is more important than your family's oral health. Regular visits are a key component of maintaining that health. It is for this reason that we are happy to offer sleep dentistry to those patients who prefer it. Please contact us for more information.

Dr. Belman and his team are located on Yonge Street in Davisville Village, directly across the street from the Davisville subway station. If you're not riding the TTC, there are many convenient options for parking, including metered street parking right in front of our building, and free street parking half a block away on Balliol. There are also several garage parking lots: one just north of the office on Yonge Street, one on Merton, and two on Davisville.

The Belman Dental Centre's focus on restorative dentistry makes the team a good fit for the Yonge and Eglinton family who wants to maintain optimal dental health for the whole crew, toddlers, children and teens included. From the simple concept of booking family appointments sequentially to providing a fun and educational experience for children, and accommodating each family member's unique needs, Belman Dental Centre minimizes the stress involved in your dental visits. With both top of the line equipment and a full line-up of gentle dental services for the whole family, Belman Dental Centre is an ideal choice for patients of all ages.

Sometimes less is more. Using the most modern technology, we are able to fix dental problems and keep your smile healthy & beautiful while minimizing recovery time, maximizing your comfort and eliminating pain. We have a number of treatments available to make over your smile gently and with the least amount of dentistry possible to achieve your specific goals. Our advanced diagnostic capability combined with our concierge level of service will result in a naturally beautiful smile, without a cosmetic look. Our commitment to you is that our work is not finished until you have the smile you desire.

The idea of dental implants has been around for more than twenty years, but the original process was a bit daunting. Unfortunately, many patients don't realize that the technology has advanced greatly in the intervening years. With today's improved techniques, it is a treatment option that offers tremendous benefits with much less fuss.

Dr. Noah Belman, the dentist at the heart of Davisville's Belman Dental Centre, is passionate about a lot of things: his work, music, cycling, his family, and the pursuit of excellence. His passion and drive make him a lifelong learner who recognizes that continuing education benefits both him and his patients. He believes that focusing on a specialization is the key to achieving excellence, and his love for the physical art of dentistry in practice leads him to concentrate his skills on restorative dentistry. Keeping his patients' teeth strong and healthy, and fixing problems in the least invasive way results in naturally beautiful smiles rather than a cosmetic look. He and his team feel strongly that they are in the business of helping people.

If you would like to schedule a dentist appointment or consultation, you can call us at 416-486-1136 or use our contact form and we'll get back to you. We are open Monday to Friday and located on Yonge Street in Davisville Village (south of Eglinton).