Davisville Dentist

Dr. Noah Belman, the dentist at the heart of Davisville's Belman Dental Centre, is passionate about a lot of things: his work, music, cycling, his family, and the pursuit of excellence. His passion and drive make him a lifelong learner who recognizes that continuing education benefits both him and his patients. He believes that focusing on a specialization is the key to achieving excellence, and his love for the physical art of dentistry in practice leads him to concentrate his skills on restorative dentistry. Keeping his patients' teeth strong and healthy, and fixing problems in the least invasive way results in naturally beautiful smiles rather than a cosmetic look. He and his team feel strongly that they are in the business of helping people.

If you would like to schedule a dentist appointment or consultation, you can call us at 416-486-1136 or use our contact form and we'll get back to you. We are open Monday to Friday and located on Yonge Street in Davisville Village (south of Eglinton).