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Making frequent visits to the dentist is always costly and stressful. Individualized dental care, on the other hand, is pleasant and stress-free, it gives our dental needs the attention they deserve without much strain.

At Belman Dental Centre, we’re dedicated to providing pleasant, effective and pocket-friendly treatments. We’ve gathered a team of highly trained professionals to tend to all sorts of treatments.

Certain dentists hone a specialty for family dentistry, which translates into a dentist who is able to provide care for your teeth, teenager's teeth, children’s teeth and toddler’s teeth with a high level of quality.

Having a dentist in Toronto available to you should be able to accommodate your whole family’s dental needs. Whether this includes cosmetic dentistry, root canals, or orthodontics, new patients need to know what their dentist can do for them.

Why Choose Us?

We’ve combined a tranquil environment with some of the latest technology to meet your family's dental needs. We understand the need and importance of frequents visits for a range of dental treatments. We, therefore, prioritize our patient’s comfort and also strive to deliver effective dental services to uplift everyone's oral health!

Each of your family members likely has different needs, which can make it a challenge to find a single dental office that can provide such an array of dental services in a family-friendly environment.

Our confidence translates into a healthy smile for you and each member of your family, which, in turn, translates into added confidence whenever you smile! Our dedication to providing quality dental treatments to all patients, young or old has made Belman Dental Centre into an established dental practice, located at Yonge and Davisville, in Midtown Toronto.

Our Family Dental Services Include:

  • Teeth whitening (Cosmetic Dentistry) - The whiteness of teeth may fade due to personal habits, diets, or even with age. We’re able to restore the elegance of your smile.
  • Comfort dentistry- We strive to use dental treatments that suit each of your oral needs. We trace the real causes and effect the ideal solution to your needs.
  • Corrective dental procedures- We correct teeth spacing or misalignments through custom made Invisalign aligners.
  • Professional teeth cleaning- Professional teeth cleaning is essential to eradicate tartar and plaque buildup that can’t be removed by simple brushing and flossing.
  • Innovative dental care- Our family dentist Toronto uses the most advanced technology to detect and cure dental problems. We use painless and non-invasive equipment which allows us to diagnose early signs of tooth decay, worn out enamel and gum diseases.

Schedule Your Family's Next Cleaning

Services like regular check-ups, teeth cleaning treatments and fillings are critical to maintaining you and your child's dental health. We provide easy-to-schedule appointments for your entire family, giving you an easy way to keep your dental cleaning appointment each and every time!

Make Dentist Visits Fun and Educational for Children

Dentist visits, for children, can sometimes be tumultuous – often stemming from negative connotations or negative past experiences. A good dentist should have experience with managing little ones and should provide a fun & educational experience while ensuring optimal oral health. Gentle dentistry with a fun spin can make all the difference when the need for pediatric dentists arises. Why put up with more stress than necessary?

With top of the line equipment and a full line-up of dental services for the whole family, Belman Dental Centre is an ideal choice for patients of all ages. We provide cosmetic dentistry services, as well as general dental care and orthodontic solutions. Dental health is essential. Don’t gamble with it once you discover that it’s endangered. Book your appointment today with our dental office!

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Don’t accept any less than quality family dental care in a welcoming and comfortable environment, where our high level of service is the game-changer.



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