Tooth Whitening

If you want a brighter smile, Belman Dental Centre can restore your teeth to their former glory. Stains and discoloration naturally build up on your teeth over time and dull the brilliance of your smile. Coffee, red wine, fruits, and even tomatoes are all common culprits. Another culprit is ageing, surface stains from tobacco usage.

When this happens, our office offers various techniques of tooth whitening that can revitalize your smile to provide oral confidence.

We restore the pearly white nature of such discolored and stained tooth through in-office or home-based tooth whitening treatments. Notably, in-office treatments produce fast results. It’s always a safe bleaching method to use too.

Home-based care, on the other hand, is associated with dispensable whitening gels. Most of the whitening gels are often safe and effective. As much as we offer in-office treatments at Belman Dental Care, we also issue pain-free dispensable whitening products to our patients who crave whiter tooth.

So, before deciding on any professional tooth whitening treatment to use, ensure that you contact us first.

Noticeable Tooth Whitening Results

Our quick, safe, and effective services can deliver impressive results in as little as 30 minutes. Using only industry-certified techniques, we can design a treatment plan tailored to your needs. From professional applications of at-home methods to industry-approved procedures, our technicians are fully trained. Our wide range of services covers just removing stains to actually changing the base-color of your tooth.

What Whitening Services Do We Offer?

With so many options to choose from, we will help you design a plan during your preliminary consultation to find the best method for you. Some of the more popular procedures we perform are outlined below.

  • Tray Whitening – We produce custom-made trays that are made directly from molds of your mouth. These trays will then fit comfortably around your tooth and can be filled with a cleaning gel that helps remove stains as you sleep over a short in-home course.
  • Scale and Polish – For clients who regularly use our whitening service, a standard scale and polish are often enough to maintain an immaculate look.
  • Zoom Whitening – Using a light-activated whitening gel, your mouth is prepared and a coating is then applied to your tooth. Using a blue light, the light-activated catalysts within the gel will begin the process of removing stains. This is usually completed through three, 15-minute procedures.

Both of our mentioned options use peroxide bleaching agents, that is, hydrogen peroxide or carbide peroxide. The home whitening kits we issue normally contains between 3% to 20% peroxide levels.

Contrarily, the quantity of peroxide in the in-office bleaching agents ranges between 15% to 20%.

Which Is The Most Effective Option?

In-office treatment is the most effective option to achieve whitened tooth faster. The whitening gels that we use contain high amounts of the peroxide content which intensifies the whitening process hence brightens our tooth faster.

After our dentists have applied the shades, we expose your tooth to natural light or heat to boost the process.

Is Tooth Whitening Safe?

Many people are deterred when they hear tooth whitening is classified as cosmetic surgery. All of the procedures we offer are completely safe. The effect a 10% whitening mixture has on tooth enamel is comparable to drinking a regular can of soda. We do strongly advise anyone pregnant or breastfeeding to first consult with their doctor.

Enhance your smile with the most popular form of cosmetic dentistry.

Belman Dental can help you deliver a winning smile. Contact us now to arrange a consultation and we will design a plan to fit your needs, your hopes, and your budget.

Cosmetic Tooth Enhancements

From tooth whitening to veneers, we provide a full range of services to give you a smile that you can be proud of. If you have any dental imperfections and want to restore your smile and self-confidence, contact us today. If you hesitate to smile at formal occasions, in pictures, or even just feel self-conscious in day-to-day social situations, contact us now for a smile makeover.

Using the latest techniques, we have kept ourselves at the forefront of the dental industry for well over two decades. We strive to ensure the highest possible standards of hygiene and precision in our work so you never need to hold back a smile again.

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