Don’t Let Fear Prevent Dental Visits – Know What to Expect

Has it been years since you last visited the dentist? Don’t worry! At Belman Dental Centre in Toronto, we want to assure you of a caring and supportive environment to help get your smile looking happy and healthy!

How To Handle Your Fear

First, and foremost, you should know that it is extremely common to fear visiting the dentist. In a 2018 survey by DentaVox, it was reported that 61% of adults have a fear of the dentist. These fears can be broken down into several groups, such as those who fear pain, those who fear keeping their mouth open for long periods, fear of being stuck in a dental chair and those who have more extreme cases of dental phobias. Many also report fear of costs as an additional factor.

Regardless of your reasoning for not regularly visiting a dentist, you should know what to expect when you arrive for your overdue appointment. We care about you, and want to help put your anxiety at ease, so we can provide the proper dental care for your healthy lifestyle.

First, prepare yourself for the visit. We suggest limiting caffeine intake before your visit and bringing your earbuds so you can listen to your favourite music or audio book. Practice deep breathing when you feel your anxiety level begin to rise, and ask any questions before your dentist or hygienist begins to work on your mouth.

What to Expect

On your first visit, plan to provide the dentist with any significant oral history such as extractions, diseases or current pain issues. You will likely have your teeth cleaned by a dental hygienist before seeing the dentist. At some point during the visit, x-rays will be taken of your mouth to uncover any decay or abnormalities below the surface of your teeth or gums. Next, your dentist will perform an oral exam after the cleaning. Once these steps are completed, your dentist will discuss any necessary treatment options and the associated costs.

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