Tis The Season To Take Care Of Your Oral Health

We all love the holiday season for many reasons. Not only do we get together with loved ones, but we also enjoy an abundance of sugary, tasty treats. It's great to indulge in the traditional holiday favourites in moderation. Unfortunately, it can be hard to have self-control. Luckily, there are a number of healthier alternatives to help protect your teeth. Follow these tips, and your oral hygiene will be in good hands this winter.

Make Snacks & Desserts with Reduced Sugar
According to Colgate, the main reason why sugar is bad for your teeth is because the bacteria that breaks down sugar releases an acid in the process. The issue with acid is that it weakens tooth enamel over time, which leads to tooth decay and cavities. Substituting white sugar with natural sugars and other healthy alternatives can be a lot easier than you think!

Try These Healthy And Creative Snacks

  • Dark chocolate covered strawberries or bananas. Fruit is a healthy, natural substitution to cookies. Plus, dark chocolate has less sugar than milk chocolate.
  • Macadamia nuts, almonds, and pecans are great ingredients for the holiday season. From pecan pie to almond flour instead of bleached white flour, nuts are a great source of fiber and protein. Just avoid snacks with nuts if you’re currently undergoing orthodontic treatment!
  • Soft cheeses and crackers. Dairy not only contains less sugar, but it also has the ability to neutralize the acid that weakens tooth enamel.
  • Vegetable trays with dip. Everyone loves snacking on carrots, cucumbers, and broccoli with either hummus or ranch dip during the holidays! This is a great healthy option for an appetizer.

Healthier Dessert Options

  • Pumpkin pie. This dessert actually has a decent amount of fiber in a slice. Just cut back on the amount of sugar in the filling, and stay away from the whipped cream.
  • Gingerbread cookies. Gingerbread cookies contain half the sugar when compared to a regular cookie, and they are a great source of fiber.
  • Oatmeal raisin cookies. Make this dessert with oats, raisins, and substitute white sugar for applesauce. This is a very healthy alternative to chocolate chip cookies that will keep your smile happy and healthy!

Establish a Routine
Perhaps the most important tip of all is practicing good oral hygiene on a regular basis. According to the Canadian Dental Association, brushing twice a day, flossing, following a healthy diet, and visiting your dentist every six months is highly-recommended for good overall oral health. Following this routine will also help to prevent gingivitis and other serious diseases such as gross gingival enlargement. Besides the usual routine, take extra good care of your teeth this holiday season, and brush after eating a sweet treat.

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